Content marketing: How you’re doing it wrong?

Content marketing is not merely using content for marketing your business. Then, what content marketing really is? Content marketing is one of the primary marketing strategies in which creative & relevant content is created and distributed to drive up business sales. In basic terms, an effective content marketing campaign should involve understanding customer views, integrating […]

A Content Marketer’s Guide to Data Scraping

In a world, where one doesn’t need to leave their table for any information World Wide Web have become the source of all information. Costumers have the privilege of searching the web for the product and services that they are looking for to get the best of it. In this scenario, companies focus more on […]

Tips to Build a Content Marketing Strategy

Today, many Google’s Penguin algorithm updates have compelled several businesses to make an effective content strategy. Websites with plain content, unpleasant linking practices no longer are able to drive customers. Whether the main objective of your company’s website is to earn a little extra money or your website is the source of your income, your […]

Content Marketing in 2014

Media Mosaic beautifully presented the video titled ‘Content Marketing in 2014: What’s in Store for Brands?’ has been created with the big idea of showing the top ways companies are engaging their audiences online. This video will be useful for companies showing advantages and unmatched power of Media mosaic .  

Content marketing and its relevance

In a web-based society, content marketing is your key to success. Companies that are looking to manage and increase their online presence and customer engagement cannot afford to ignore content marketing. Simply put, content marketing is managing your online reputation by building and managing customer’s relations by providing them relevant content on the web. Social […]

Content in 2014: Changing Landscape

Content is now an integral part of every brand’s digital marketing strategy. Consumers are accessing internet using different channels and almost half of the global population is now using internet. The way consumers consume content online is changing too. It is important that digital marketers understand ongoing trend in content so that devise a successful […]