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Traditional marketing models have at their core the belief that once the consumer is aware of your product and you have emotionally nudged him, you road to First Moment of Truth (FMOT or point of sale) is paved.

Traditional marketing models, much to their success, have carried a dominant right brain bias.To paraphrase a David Williams remark, a traditional marketer credo is: We make lipsticks but we sell smiles.

However what worked in a pre connected world, where individual minds were influenced in isolation and through a marketing message broadcast, loses much of its heft in a networked world.

You cannot now manipulate buyer by influencing her emotions with images of a happy family with a dog, a toddler and a beaming spouse. Tossing in a smiling and waving neighbor to complete the happiness utopia doesn’t give youmuch traction anymore.

What is checking the flow of this emotional overhang is that the buyers’ reason has started to get a loud voice in her decision makingprocess. They are getting armed with great amount of research and product intelligence. Most of them are now indulging in extensive pre purchase research ( Marketers Zero Moment of Truth , ZMOT) before making a buy decision.

The digital pathway of purchase or the ZMOT Lagrangian ( as we call it at Media Mosaic) is becoming a complex function with its plot points notching up multivariate synapses. This detailed research corrects for any emotional nudges and makes the buyer decision more objective and harder to predict.

To put it in everyday language, the emergence of a Global Mind has ushered in the dawn of Left Brain Marketing (LBM). Without relinquishing the appeal to her right brain, marketers will have to now engage the buyers’ left brain as well.

So at Media Mosaic we believe, that apart from being creatively unique, marketers will have to contend with buyers’ multi channel, screen hoping r behavior. This opens up the scope for creative experimentation.

So do not be afraid to experiment. Contact us to help you map this emerging landscape and its best practices. We will be happy to launch a bespoke @ZMOT MM campaign for you.