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Brand Marketers, in reality, are rock-stars with strict mothers.

Not being able to join the band, their thirst for fans un-satiated, they fantasize about creating the cult around brands they promote.

Creating a sizeable brand awareness, however, is as complicated as making great music. It is like doing science by drilling it to its artistic intuitions.

Once you have decided on the brand vision and upon gap analysis, Zeroed in on the brand positioning you are then credited with the task of maximizing its awareness.

Traditionally marketers have leveraged advertising, public relations machinery, events ,sponsorships and merchandising as the routes for spreading the word.

In the online world, search was never a big brand awareness play. It helped but came later in the customer sales cycle.

However with smart phones and ZMOT ( zero moment of truth) Lagrangians becoming a reality, social media has emerged as a forum where the shopper spends time and are receptive to the brand marketer message.

The reasons of complexity for the digital medium are that first , it is a two way engagement program. It is brand awareness campaign wrapped in CRM attributes. Brand marketers have traditionally used one way lanes. Their feedbacks have been largely statistical and survey based. This is the first time they are getting exposed to raw humans instead of raw data.

Secondly the multiplicity of social channels have added the fragmentation of play. With ZMOT Lagrangian being plotted over various social data points, this is yet an evolving landscape.

In fact most marketers are in an experimental stage regarding the” how to “ of brand awareness campaigns on the social media sites.

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