Boost Your Online Search Results in 2014

In online world change is the only constant. A strategy that proved to be successful in 2013 may not prove useful in 2014.

With changing dynamics and online search gathering more popularity, you cannot afford to miss out on the changes required to keep your online visibility breathing. If you are planning to hire a SEO company, then make sure that they are updated with these latest updates:

Google’s semantic search

  • Google’s semantic search: In 2013, Goggle changed its search algorithm 14 times. It changed its strategy from exact keyword search to related word search. According to Google, people search in a more conversational style rather than specific keyword for a particular topic. This makes content the frontrunner than keywords this year. Rich content is being emphasized, with the relative search gathering momentum.
  • Build a Link: According to Google’s new directive for link building called “Google Authorship” if you link to Google plus page, it gives that author a differentiation from other links. It also applies to guest authors, who also need to link their work to Google Plus. By using “Google Authorship”, the search engine giant is trying to locate spammy websites and links and restrict them. This will help users to have better search results.
  •  Responsive websites: In 2014, it is estimated that the number of mobile users will surpass desktop users. Hence, make sure that the website that you create for your business is responsive website. Responsive websites are the websites that change their frame size according to their changing screens of different devices. You need to keep your website design keeping in mind different mobile designs. A mobile design is meant for faster downloads and important information. You need to design your websites which supports both these two applications in mind.

So, with search engine optimization as the lock, these latest trends are the keys for a great SEO strategy in 2014.

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