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“These are my values. If you do not like them, I have others”.

Well, we do not dispute Groucho’s right to have a value harem but we incidentally are married to ours.

At Media Mosaic we define our four values in our own unique way but follow them in every way.

Wow Your Customer

This is Media Mosaic’s Core Survival strategy.

Our interpretation of this “most serviced by lip” value is that every deal is at its core a price value handshake. In this negotiation, let your customer win. Be always unfair to her, positively. Let the customer have more value for the price. She will be vowed and you will be in business. We are in business and intend to remain so.

Be Fair

Second Mosaic Value is actually a corollary of the first. Apart from the customer (who you are positively unfair to) be fair to everyone else. When you are fair at large, you force the world to be fair to you. Robert Axelrod in his 1984 book “The Evolution of Cooperation” found being fair to be the dominant strategy for winning the game of iterated prisoners dilemma. At Mosaic we agree. This is by far, the only sustainable strategy, for remaining happy and healthy.

Grow or Die

At any given moment, either you are growing or you aredecaying. No third choice has ever been discovered. So everybody at Media Mosaic is constantly aware that for remaining relevant to the future, they have no choice but to undertake frequent forays out of their comfort zones.

Taking Ownership

Fundamental Attribution Error is when you assign bad results to situations and good outcomes to personal dispositions ( your innate worthiness). Ownership is correcting this fundamental cognitive bias by inverting it. At Mosaic we assign bad results to personallearning gaps and good results to team plays.