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At Media Mosaic our cultural philosophy directs, that we honor our differences but act on commonalities.

Pride in our Uniqueness:

We are creativity cultist. That’s the cultural lifeblood of the organization. Each act we do, each campaign we score, each lesson we learn we are forever looking to do it differently and uniquely.

Living your uniqueness is the only differentiation possible. At Mosaic, as our byline proclaims, we are in the uniqueness business.

Much like, Michelangelo’s belief that inside every stone block resides a statue waiting to be revealed, we have an abiding belief that every being has an innate unique ability which can be chiseled to its realization. Life itself is not worth anything if not a celebration of your uniqueness.

The Shared GPS system:

The opposite of great truth is not a falsehood but another great truth Thus Spoke Niels Bohr, the great Danish Physicist. So as much as we honor the individual uniqueness we also cherish the common genetic code of our BIG4 , the sharedMosaic Values. When the road ahead is dark we use our values as headlights to light our way.

Our commitment to upholding our values does not give us the direction of our travel but it does decide the route that we will take to our destination, for arriving together.

Ba Ba Black Sheep:

Baba had a black sheep, Seth Godin had a purple cow or Ringo Starr had a yellow submarine, well how does it matter. When sun is switched off and lights get dim, all colors are iridescent. Out here in the perimeter there are no stars. Out here we are...