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Count Tolstoy opens his Magnum Opus “Anna Karenina” with the line: Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

If the Count had been into agency business, he might have charged top dollars for his insight: All successful marketers arrive alike though there are hundreds of exits for getting out of your competitors way.

So what is that one way to marketing success, that is being advocated?

At Media Mosaic it is our abiding belief, that ONE, all important trait of any successful marketing campaign, is a unique differentiation from the rest of your competition. If you are clearly and unequivocally differentiated, you are aligned with the golden rule. If not, the time to begin is now.

The law of differentiation, incidentally, works on the proof of contradiction. It states that unless you have an articulated uniqueness,something you are perceived to be world class in, you are ordinary and thuslikely to perish in the competitive rush.

Market hates inefficiency and is always out to penalize it. Those were good times when you got your punishment in slow motion.

With ZMOT now, the age of swift economic justice, has finally found us.

So beware if you do not differentiate at Zero Moment Of Truth (ZMOT), you do not differentiate at all.

For any business to differentiate itself, there are only three ways: to be the first, to be the best or to be different.

Contact us Now if you want to know how to strategize for any of these differentiator attributes and create a “WIN@ZMOT with MM” campaign.